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Would you like to apply for credit in order to set up a billed account?

Make fleet service easy for you and your team with convenient Tire Discounters Credit. Simply fill out the Trade References and Tire Discounters will send you a monthly invoice formatted with the information you request.

Three references required for billed account, N/A for cash accounts.

Please list vendors who extend open credit to your company. Do not list financial institutions.

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Tire Discounters' acceptance of this Fleet Service Application does not require you to have your vehicles serviced at a Tire Discounters store; however, it does authorize Tire Discounters to service your fleet vehicles pursuant to the Tire Discounters, Inc. Fleet Credit Account Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) found here. By providing your initials below, you are signing this Fleet Service Application and represent that you have the authority to sign the Fleet Service Application on behalf of the Company listed above and expressly acknowledge acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, as may be amended from time to time in Tire Discounters' sole discretion.

Invoices will be delivered via email at the email address provided above, unless otherwise requested. All charges are due thirty (30) days after Invoice date. Payment shall be made to the address listed on the Invoice. Monthly statements may be sent as a courtesy.

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