Helping your community is as easy!

Tire Discounters is always happy to help people who help people. So, every time a person from your organization makes a purchase from Tire Discounters during the promotional period, we’ll donate $5.00, up to $1000.  Hit the Max $1000? We'll kick in an extra $250. That's up to $1250!

Just fill out the simple form below to submit your request, and THANK YOU!


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  • We support non-profit organizations, for example, K-12 schools, churches, and youth groups.
  • We do not support individuals or for profit ventures.
  • Form must be received 4 weeks prior to the program start. 
  • We typically respond within 2 weeks of receiving the form. 
  • The organization will receive $5 for every car that comes in for tires or service and brings your flyer during the promotion period.
  • Programs may run 30 or 60 days.
  • The organization will receive the money within 45 days of program close.
  • Organization must provide a W-9 once accepted into the program.
  • Tire Discounters will not support organizations that discriminate against a person or a group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.
  • Priority given to 501(c)(3) organizations.
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We also give back to our communities through our partnership with May We Help.
May We Help exists to love those living with a disability with individually tailored assistive devices that are not being fulfilled commercially. Because people are more unique than what's available, volunteers design and create unique, custom solutions for individuals with special needs to engage in and pursue their passions.